Circle Society

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3 in stock


Made from Bamboo silk and wool

Colour : Ivory, Black

Size : 6ft diameter
Technique : Hand tufted
Thickness : 12mm

Discover the Circle Society Rug by Salventius, a symbol of interconnectedness and co-dependency. Crafted with the avant-garde One Line Momentalism technique, this minimalist rug showcases people connected within a circle using a single line. Its timeless beige color seamlessly blends into any space. Hand-tufted with premium New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, it offers luxury and durability. Embrace the profound meaning of interconnectedness with this captivating masterpiece

Additional information

Weight 11.8 kg
Dimensions 182 × 182.8 × 1.2 cm



Bamboo silk and wool




6 ft dia


Hand tufted


Bamboo Silk

Bamboo silk fabric is a natural viscose obtained from bamboo plants. The cellulose is carefully removed from the bamboo. Sticky paste-like cellulose goes through processing and then dried under sunlight. On drying, the stickiness vanishes and forms a soft, shiny, and silky fiber. The fluffy cloud looking-like fiber feels cool to touch.


Hand Tufting

Our hand tufted carpets have been specially developed and constructed to adhere to the demanding requirements of the hospitality sector. The hand tufting technique is a process combining centuries-old skills and modern weaving tools. The canvas is perfectly stretched over an upright loom and the craftsperson transfers by hand the future design of the rug with the utmost precision. Threads are inserted manually, one by one, working with a gun on the back of the canvas, following the colours, the drawing and the different tuft heights.

Care Instruction

1. Vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt and debris.


2. Solid material can be either removed by vacuuming or by using a knife.


3. Any liquid spill should be immediately cleaned with a clean white cloth to avoid stains.


4. Loose ends of the fibre may stick out under severe wear and tear. Clip these ends, Pulling threads or fibre may lead to severe damage to the rug.


5. Spills of coloured liquid and curry have to be immediately treated with club soda to neutralize the stain.


6. Avoid humidity and moisture at all costs.


7. Only in case of a severe stain should you resort to a mild soap solution. Blot to treat them and remove the solution with a wet towel.

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Salventius’s One Line Momentalism has been used to create his extraordinary collection of indoor rugs. Using this technique, he drew faces and characters with a single long continuous line. Since anything can shape out when the pen or marker meets the surface, every design is exclusive and without a pair in the world. The unique One Line Momentalism artform makes Salventius more modern, more urban and more relatable to the masses.


Niels Kiené, better known as Salventius, is a Dutch artist who specializes in minimal and bare portraits. His technique, in fact, consists in drawing faces with a single long continuous line. Once the pen, marker or brush is placed on the surface anything can happen, the important thing is to never break the line.