Neytt X Vanessa

Vanessa's Women Power Series

As the name suggests, in the Women Power series, Vanessa has played around the central theme of Women. Vanessa narrates that the whole concept of these portraits started with her son’s storybook. A picture of the mother in traditional Indian clothing struck her because she realized she was in no way similar to her. In fact, she realized she looked more like the father. This made her think beyond the traditional concept of female beauty and embrace the diversity. Using 16 portraits from the extensive collection of 100, Vanessa has designed rugs for Neytt. Even here, she wanted to break away from the conventional idea of rugs and carpets to create something figurative, had a message and told a story. Where you see geometric, abstract patterns on rugs and carpets, Vanessa has used a collage of her quirky portraits of women.

About the Designer

Initially trained as an industrial designer in Switzerland and UK, over the past decade, Vanessa has been working on various projects, including graphic designing to styling and fashion.

Her meticulous attention to detail, when coupled with her hordes of skills, offers a unique vision and personal touch to everything Vanessa creates. She works diligently with visuals and believes in breaking the stereotype of how women are portrayed in mainstream media.