A Glimpse of
How We Make Our Rugs


Highly skilled artisans precisely weave on horizontal and vertical looms by hand and this technique is called handloom. It involves weaving longitudinal threads called warp from bottom to up and intersecting them with the horizontal threads known as weft. Handloom gives a monotone appearance to the rugs with a beautiful print-like finish. Crafted with a loop pile and made into cut piles, this intermixing imparts a unique shade to the fabric. It can be seen extensively in bamboo silk rugs because the shine varies along the length of the yarn.

Hand Tufted

A frame is set up first on which a base fabric is stretched and the design is traced out. Next, a gun-like tool called a tufting gun is used to punch the fibre strands on the traced pattern. This process is known as hand-tufting. After the whole pattern has been punched in, the loose strands are cut and shaved to execute the pile effect.

The design is then profiled with scissors or needles to define it better followed by applying a layer of latex on the backside to make sure the strands stay in place. It is finished by attaching a fabric lining to protect it from shedding. Hand-tufted rugs allow different colours to be used on the same rug, crafting beautiful designs and patterns. Using this technique also makes the rugs highly durable.


Produced on a vertical loom, the hand-knotted technique includes manual weaving the strands tightly to the warp by knots. The size of the knots used is what creates the difference in the variety of the rug while the number of knots influences the density, pattern and sturdiness.

There are various knots that weavers use to get the desirable visual effect on the rug like Persian, Turkish, Indo-Nepal, and Sumak.

Specialised Jacquard Broad Loom

Jacquards are devices incorporated inspecialized looms to control individual warp yarns. It enables the loom toproduce rugs with very intricate woven patterns. Our looms are custom modified to produce rugs from natural fibers such as sisal, wool, jute, hemp and linen.In the pre-process, sourced raw materials go through the process of dyeing,combing, spinning and shearing. The processed yarns are inserted and woven inthese specialized looms to produce exquisite intricate designs. The rugs arefinished with latex backing and edges finished with border tape or yarnbinding.

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