Bijin Davis


Davis’ style is a combination of material explorations, minimal forms and crafting techniques

Born in Japan and raised in India, Bijin Davis’ creations reflect the influence of both cultures. According to her, the interior products you choose sets the mood of the space, so it has to be something refreshing and unique each time. Taking inspiration from elemental materials like water, shadows, and more, she strives to create an enchanting experience with her products.

I want my products to be a sensorial or emotional experience and not just static works

Bjiin Davis has completed her graduation from Musashino Art University’s department of interior design. She holds an undergraduate diploma from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, in Product Design. Her portfolio includes two years at Urban Ladder Bangalore, a one-year stint as the interior and furniture designer for a hotel and several short-term freelance projects. Besides carpets, Davis is also passionate about designing lighting, furniture, and other interior products.

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