Niels Kiene Salventius


When creating in the moment, the one line brings me focus

As an artist who believes in The Now, Niels Kiene Salventius delves deep into the technique of minimal and bare portraiture. According to him, the moment is a ‘lost art’. His process of creation is very organic, very raw, where he depends on the moment to shape his artwork rather than planning it out extensively.

With my work I want people to become aware again of this precious, valuable and spontaneous time frame

Salventius uses his signature style of One Line Momentalism

While other artists stop and reroute their thinking on making a mistake, this Dutch artist considers them to be a pivotal part of his creative journey. To date, his production includes light paintings, photographs, sculptures, digital and virtual reality artworks, and sand drawings. Salventius uses his signature style of One Line Momentalism. This technique has been used to create his extraordinary collection of indoor rugs. Using this technique, he drew faces and characters with a single long continuous line. Since anything can shape out when the pen or marker meets the surface, every design is exclusive and without a pair in the world. The unique One Line Momentalism artform makes Salventius more modern, more urban and more relatable to the masses.

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