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Made of 100% Sisal

Colour : Ola green, Kasavu gold
Size : 6ft X 9ft
Technique : Jacquard weave
Thickness : 9mm

Experience the enchanting Kaliyodam rug from the Vallamkali collection, which seamlessly combines culture and craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from Kerala’s iconic Snake Boat, the Chundan Vallom, each rug is carefully handmade using premium sisal material. The symbolic Ola Green and regal Kasavu Gold colors pay homage to the vibrant spirit of “God’s Own Country” and its rich history.

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 274.3 × 182.8 × 0.9 cm



Ola Green






6ft X 9ft


Jacquard loom



Sisal fiber is derived from the leaf of Agave plant, which grows in Brazil and East Africa. It is valued for cordage because of its strength, durability and affinity for certain dyestuffs. The lustrous strands, usually creamy white,average from 80 to 120 cm in length and 0.2 to 0.4 mm in diameter. The higher-grade fiber is converted into yarns for the carpet industry.


Jacquard Weave

The Jacquard machine is a device fitted to a loom. The resulting ensemble of the loom and Jacquard machine is then called a Jacquard loom. Jacquard looms are basically used to create larger figured designs, which cannot be produced on a dobby loom and where the warp threads are controlled individually through a patterning mechanism linked to a computer aided design (CAD) system.

Care Instruction

1. Vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt and debris.


2. Solid material can be either removed by vacuuming or by using a knife.


3. Any liquid spill should be immediately cleaned with a clean white cloth to avoid stains.


4. Loose ends of the fibre may stick out under severe wear and tear. Clip these ends, Pulling threads or fibre may lead to severe damage to the rug.


5. Spills of coloured liquid and curry have to be immediately treated with club soda to neutralize the stain.


6. Avoid Humidity and Moisture at all costs.


7. Only in case of a severe stain should you resort to a mild soap solution. Blot to treat them and remove the solution with a wet towel.

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Uniting our culture with our exquisite weave, we have created the Vallamkali collection, taking inspiration from a classic Kerala ritual – the Boat Race and crafted in deeply symbolic green and gold, to celebrate the history and grandeur of God’s Own Country. Indulge in the captivating essence of Kerala with this extraordinary collection that embodies tradition, artistry, and timeless style.

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